" I spent one hour with three different coaches. I chose James as he made me the most comfortable, and I felt that since I had never had any type of counseling/coaching, the key ingredient was going to be my ability to feel I could speak freely and candidly. James was by far the easiest person to speak with. This was key.

In the one year that I spent time working with James on my career, I realized that the "issues" I dealt with at work, were also apparent in my personal life, so really, it ended up being a combination of both business and personal. In hindsight, I don't think the two can be isolated.

As James and I worked together, I was able to see how I was perceived by my body language, words, and learnt much better habits. Additionally, it was very good for my self-confidence. I can only think of any positive aspect in working with James. It was one of the best things I have done for myself. "

- Dawn Smith

Vice President - Sales


" I looked at several coaches, and I was impressed with James' work and interest area. Since I was looking at starting my own consulting business, James had the most knowledge about that. I think he is someone who takes a whole life approach. My original idea was to go in needing career assistance, but I needed to work on other stuff as well. James definitely helped me identify those and gave me the tools I needed to work on those areas. As I felt more and more comfortable with James we worked on things of a more personal nature as well.

My original intent was to start my own business. I do some consulting now, but I think he helped me develop my career to something that I want and not what others want. In fact, I just got job offer last Friday for a really good position and in an area that I wanted. I don't think I would have gotten the offer without the tools James gave me. He helped me look at other areas of my life and identify themes that I needed to work on. The same things that were getting me stuck in my career were also related to other things in my life (relationships, decision making, etc.).

I found James great to work with, and he does an excellent job of identifying the areas that need improvement. There is definitely no B.S. with James. He is direct and to the point. Or maybe I should say, he helped me become direct and to the point with my own career challenges.

I do have an anecdote to demonstrate what James has done for me. When I was interviewing for the job offer I just received on Friday, several of my references told me that they mentioned that I was "very balanced" in their recommendation. Before I started working with James, I would not have called myself "balanced". Today, I would definitely say that. "

- Stephen Hubbard, PHD,

NYU Professor

" James has incredible insight along with compassion and understanding for his clients. I recommend him to steer you through any business issue. He is a great team builder with an astute eye towards how to motivate each team member to best motivate the individual ."

- Leslie Wolfson, Connect The Dots, inc

" James is not only a superb active listener but, a highly engaging and thoughtful professional. Throughout our work he has been instrumental in helping me focus on key priorities, while serving as trusted sounding board, as I prepare to launch major changes on the personal and professional fronts. As a partner and facilitator in our coaching work, James' remarkable ability to focus on crucial goals and deftly set strategies to achieve tangible results has significantly helped me raise my level of awareness of myself and others. His insights inform my decision-making and ability to course correct when necessary and the results have been noteworthy ."

- Hector Carino Leadership and Team Strategist

" James Knopf understands what it takes to help us achieve greater success in both our workplace and our personal lives. His ability to motivate his clients to take charge is very impressive. We were very fortunate to work with James as I was making some critical changes in my business and personal life. James helped me shape a clearer focus on what I wanted to achieve and I am very grateful ."

- Austin Schuster

President, NYC Living Realty

" James Knopf was incredibly helpful at giving me perspective and a swift kick in the rear exactly when I needed it. James worked with me through a tumultuous period and I came out the other side with a new path and new tools to accomplish my goals ."

- Sarah Sockit Project Developer, Sockit Projects, NYC

"James has the ability to motivate the individual to strive for excellence and seek passion and happiness from life."

Timothy Moreland, Retail Management, Business Development, Sales & Promotion

"James is a caring, creative coach that gets great results. I highly recommend him."

Susan Murphy, Lead Attorney at Advocate Legal

"James became a good and trusted friend from our professional relationship.His coaching provided me with the tools and insights to forward my acting...more"

John Rengstorff, Independent Arts and Crafts Professional

"James is a dedicated and caring life coach with years of experience and several satisfied clients. He's one of the best in his field!"

Jeff Bennett, Social Media Specialist

"James Knopf is brilliant at the coaching thing, plus he is empathetic and funny which was an immense help when he brought me through a career crisis and onto a new and unexpected path. I sought him out when I thought all I needed was some advice on how to handle a Difficult Personality at the office--just a matter of finding out what I was doing wrong and then refocusing or redirecting my efforts. And James did help me to tackle the problem head-on and try to find a workable solution. He listened as I explored the situation aloud and he asked the critical questions, most of which put the issue into new and fresh perspectives. At the same time--and this is the brilliant part--he had me examine what else was going on in my life that might be feeding into the problem at work, and gently but insistently he had me to ask myself what I really wanted for an outcome. In the end my decision was that I didn't want to work for a Difficult Personality--even with the coping strategies I had put together with James' help. What a surprise! What a relief!! It was so simple, but I don't think I could have easily gotten there on my own. I recommend James Knopf enthusiastically and without reservation."

- Stephen Frost

Research Director, Conde Naste, NYC

"Working with James Knopf, as my Life Coach, was an eye opening empowering experience. I had the opportunity to honestly look at myself in an objective, forward action, mentality. I was given tools and procedures to better deal with myself and others. I learned to grow and James gave me the direction to effectively move forward. If you seriously want to better yourself, your life, and more effectively communicate with others, James Knopf can offer you're the opportunity. You work in a partnership and you do actually work. You take accountability/control of your life; James is your knowledgeable guide during the journey. Under his direction you are offered a safe environment to learn about "you" getting to know your goals and how to effectively reach those goals. You will learn how to rid yourself of needless clutter and live life with direct purpose. I am grateful for James Knopf and for the progress I achieved while working with him as my Life Coach. I got unstuck. You ask: Is warking with a Life Coach worth it? I say: Yes! Is working with James Knopf worth it? I definitely say: Yous! You bet it is.... Thank you James for helping me explore me and assisting while I directed my life in forward motion and now living life, not existing....."

- Steve Fagan

Telecommunications Director, New York

"I moved to New York from Australia where I had a successful practice as a Psychotherapist. I quickly found myself completely overwhelmed and depressed. I had exhausted every avenue I knew of to establish myself professionally; I was unsuccessful and still stuck! I had no energy and little interest to pursue my social life or do even the little things I knew would make me happy. I found James to be tremendously compassionate yet confrontational enough to empower me to take action in my life. James helped me to discover exactly what it was I wanted and gave me all the support I needed to achieve my goals. James is fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone!"

- Michael Abedon


"James Knopf has had a direct and substantive effect in the progress I have made in my personal, professional and creative life. I relocated to New York City to take a position that challenged me in all areas of my life. I was unfocused in my goals, unable to move forward with my performing career and too drained by the end of the day to build a social life. I came to Mr. Knopf with a clear need for help.

Using a gentle, affirming and direct approach, James Knopf synthesized a plan of action for me, based on my real-life situations and challenges. The improvement in my work skills, career focus and even my social life can be attributed to the practical, savvy and useful tools he gave me to apply to all aspects of day-to-day living."

- Dr. E. Davis Wortman

" When I first met James I felt stuck and confined in my career of 28 years. I knew the time had come to make changes in my professional life and I did not have a clue as where to begin or what to consider as possible options. With the guidance of James, I was able to not only identify additional passions and interests which had been buried for years, however equally important, I was given the support and guidance to place myself in several new environments which eventually led to my current new career path. In the span of one year, the feeling of hopelessness has been replaced with the excitement and passion once again following a dream. Thank you James for helping me to find the direction and courage to make a change and the inspiration to follow a dream. My highest accolades ."

- Christopher Fink

Clothing Designer/MSW

"James' invaluable encouragement and guiding spirit helps you to achieve infinite results!"
- Laurette Oldewurtel

Financial Advisor

"James Knopf has definitely gotten me unstuck and onto a new path. I was at a crossroads professionally and needed some fresh, innovative ideas and focus on how to make a career change- I just didn't know how to go about making that happen. From our very first session, James helped me to establish new values and to reaffirm old ones, to improve on my strengths and help me to realize new ones, and to clarify a new personal vision- a vision that included delegating responsibilities and asking for things in my life. With James' clarity and personal attention to my specific needs and goals, I have successfully found a balance between my career in Real Estate and the thrill of starting my own company. I live and work with a newfound passion! Thanks to James, I've been able to pinpoint exactly what I wanted and to make it happen!"

- William Constantino

Designer/Real Estate Sales, New York City

"Working with James Knopf enabled me to expand my business as a personal trainer in a number of ways. Through several exercises and small tasks, James helped me learn how to ask for things in a way I never thought possible. This asking process led me to initiate meetings with people I never imagined I could ever work with; all in a relatively short period of time. In addition, his intuitive guidance helped me tap into and recapture other passions and priorities in my life that I had neglected over the years. Thank you James for helping me believe that anything is possible if your willing to put yourself on the line and just ask for it."

- Ken Alverez, MA

Personal Trainer

"Making the decision to work with James made a tremendous difference in the direction my life has taken over the past 2 years. His insightful input and the feedback he provided me with allowed me to see my situation from a new perspective. He gave me a weekly structure where I could think about what I wanted and he motivated me to execute actions necessary to meet my goals. My favorite part was that we didn't focus on problems; James kept me focused on what could be done to build my business in a more positive capacity. I found myself acting rather than reacting to my life. James' style offered me a great structure for change to take place!"

- Kenneth Maxwell Elchert

Massage Therapist / Actor, NYC

"In just a very short time, James Knopf helped me to really take a look at the different parts of my life that I avoided. He was key in helping me focus and prioritize. With his coaching and encouragement, I developed career goals. He helped me to make very positive changes in my personal life as well. Thanks James."

- Roberta Ash

Personal Trainer / Mother, Long Island, NY

"I've always been a person with good ideas and lots of energy but, as I've recently learned, I needed guidance on how to focus my energies in just the right way, at the right time. Working closely with Jimmy Knopf over the past year has made a tremendous difference. I've written two plays, lots of music, and I'm now workings with a director/producer to, finally, change my dream into reality... Thank you, Jimmy!!"

- William Neenan

Physical Therapist/Writer

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